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Cédric Lemetter, private session of "dig deep within" workshop

My family offered me as Xmas gift a 2h private tea testing session with the Tea Sommelier. It was one of the best gift I received and I truly enjoyed it. While not a tea expert, I have traveled in Asia and got to know a bit about tea (at least being clear on what I like and what I don't). Anne Carole was very pro-active, calling me in advance to tailor the testing session to my taste (focusing on black and aged tea). The tea testing in itself was really great and it felt like discussing with a good friend while getting details about various type of tea and the way to appreciate them. I discovered new teas of course, especially 2 specific ones I will look for in future... My target was to learn more about tea and enjoy the moment and this was definitively achieved. Highly recommended if you have the chance as individuals or in groups!

Ngoh Zhi Lin, Residential Mentor from NTU (Nanyang Technological University) of Singapore

The tea appreciation workshop which was conducted by Anne-Carole was unlike any I had attended.
Anne-Carole’s passion for tea was very evident in the way she delivered her workshop, and she has changed my pessimistic view on teas to an optimistic view (the previous time I went to a tea workshop the tea was not earthly but really bitter, now I know why :P). She is very knowledgeable and not only taught the reasons behind each step of the tea ceremony, but also how to choose tea leaves, the accessories used to make tea and the type of food to match tea. She was very patient in answering the many questions which the participants had, regardless of the complexity of the questions. In addition, even though she is a business owner, she is very honest and frank about the facts which she would impart to the participants and would not twist the facts just to satisfy the participants.

Virginie Cavalli, Teambuilding Event for the Management Team of Airliquide Asia

Just a quick word to express my thanks for the wonderful experience you provided to me and my team. We spent one hour with Blind testing on 5 different teas, trying to pair with the appropriate delicious food, and then each one could make its own tea blend. This was both senses opening and joyful. I personnally did not know that so many varieties of tea existed, and now that I have compared them and learned to appreciate them, I know which tea is my favorite!
This was very easy to organize as it could take place in the same room where we had our meeting, and I discovered some unknown traits of my colleagues. Anne-Carole was very flexible and made everything smooth and pleasant.
The event reached the goal I was looking for, ie team building for my managers coming from all over South East Asia, discovery of new !
Thanks again The Tea Sommelier. I highly recommend the Tea session!

Fauzan A. Roslee, Teambuilding Workshop for Dow Jones Singapore

Being an amateur tea lover, I have not thought of tea drinking or tea ceremonies as an incredible art form in itself. As Anne-Carole demonstrated during the workshop, the whole process - from choosing the right tea leaves for the right occasion to the perfect way of brewing tea - has given me an understanding and appreciation of a daily activity that I have always taken for granted.

Jerome Biet, private class

My tea lesson with Anne Carole was quite amazing!!! For sure first because I had the opportunity to taste a lot of wonderful teas, Japanese and Chinese, perfectly served by Anne Carole. but also because Anne Carole is a passionate expert and she is sharing her passion during the whole lesson. She gives you some keys to understand what tea drinking is really: more than just a drink, it is both a philosophy and a way of life.

Elodie Asselin, private class

My tea tasting session with Carole has been a pure delight.
I had asked her to focus on Oolong teas.  She showed me something something countless visits to excellent tea houses and discussions with tea masters had not taught me : how to really APPRECIATE Oolong teas. We tasted exquisite teas in a very relaxing and pleasant atmosphere. She showed me patiently with great expertise how to roll the tea accross my taste buds, how to assess the appearance, aroma, taste, textures… After the session, I felt like a tea expert myself :)
Carole is a gentle, warm, ultra professional tea master and trainer. She is passionnate about teas and her enthusiasm is contagious !
I would strongly recommand  tea tasting sessions with Carole to any tea lover.

Riho Aota, private class

It was more than a tea lesson. It was a genuine experience of reconnecting to my inner self.
As corny as it may sound, I felt like coming home just by sharing the serene moment over a cup of tea with Carole.  
Carole puts her heart and soul into her work.  Not only does she share her immense knowledge of the tea, she also shares her bright, vibrant energy with you throughout the lesson.
Moreover, her love for the tea is so genuine, that the whole lesson was somehow therapeutic.
It felt like a leap of time and space – but most importantly, the biggest takeaway from her lesson was a reconnection to my true self, not to mention tasting the delicious tea we brewed together.  
Whether you have been a tea lover for a long time, or even you are a beginner in the tea world, I promise you Carole gives you more than just a lesson – her lesson gives you that expansive, harmonious feeling that makes you want to bask in forever.  It carries you away to your inner sacred space.