• Education classes (1/1 or group)
  • Events and workshops
  • Ateliers creation
  • Tea shopping city tour


  • Events
  • Workshops 
  • Staff training 
  • Tea & Food Pairing

Rainbow Therapy

Duration 2hrs

A colorful workshop as a fundamental first stone for anyone willing to have a comprehensive kick start with Tea. Get ready to go out of your comfort zone!

Peace of Mind

Duration 2hrs

An insightful workshop about the effects of tea on your mind, body and spirit. By going through each type of tea, it will help you better understand which one is beneficial for you or not and why. Get ready to develop your awareness!

All my Senses

Duration 2hrs

A fun and sensual atelier-class in which each participant will dwelve into the magic of tea tasting using their 5 senses

No more Secrets

Duration 1hr

An enlightening course for those looking for healthier alternatives to caffeinated teas, to understand once and for all what is behind all the commercial teas ! Get ready for the truth !

Dig Deep within

Duration 2hrs

Build your own experience by gaining deeper knowledge in specific teas and terroirs. A made-to-measure intermediary class for those with some solid basic knowledge in teas and willing to go further in their tea education.


Duration 1.5hrs

A mouth-watering course to learn about tea and food pairing! All foodies get ready !

One World, many teas

Duration 3hrs

An indulging moment, which can be shared among friends or lived alone, to simply experience the art of tea serving ceremony from different worlds. Get ready to disconnect!

In My Box

Duration 3hrs

A creative atelier giving you the opportunity to realize your own tailored made-to-your-needs tea box. Get ready to be handy!

A question, a request?

I would be more than happy to assist you with any special requests or needs.
I am always open to any new ideas and collaborations.
Please send an email for any wishes/questions you would have.



  • your 5 senses
  • the 5 elements within you
  • your creativity


  • Knowledge (understanding and studying tea)
  • Inner peace (physical serenity and mental concentration)
  • Passion (feel joy, pleasure and beauty in the presence of tea)


  • Simplicity: the choice of quality and natural products (no artificial aromas, no conservatives, no coloring) to find and keep authenticity 
  • Generosity: the simple and true pleasure of sharing a special moment around a cup of tea 
  • Curiosity: to be in a state of awareness, to permanently look for a better understanding, to go beyond our comfort zone